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Duo Theory
Core jazz with two. Compact, impressive and exciting. The tall double bass is supporting the low end whilst the flat vibraphone is covering the middle sonorities and the top end. 
This duo will bring you classic jazz stripped to the bone. Wun Yen Chan on double bass and
Tamas Teszary on vibraphone.  



Trio Theory


Trio Theory is built on the heritage of the jazz greats and is focusing on the well known standards as their repertoire. The trio are Thierry Couralt on guitar, Wun Yen Chan on Bass and Tamas on vibraphone.

Rhythm Swing Quintet
Rhythm Swing Quintet was formed to honour the great Django Reinhardt and his contemporaries. Although the line up is not mirroring the traditional line up of the era, the added vibraphone and drums provide an interesting colour to the sound. The line up of RSQ is vocal, guitar, double bass, violin, vibraphone/drums.
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